Note: Although I have visited and personally evaluated all of the sites listed below, I don't re-visit each of them regularly, and I'm not always notified when sites are no longer active.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback on the usefulness of any of the sites listed, and if you should encounter an inactive site, please let me know.  I also welcome your suggestions for additions to these listings. Please send your comments and suggestions to me at  Thank you!

Sites listed below are grouped into the following categories:  Animal Hospice Alternative Healing, Animal Communicators, and Animal Behavior Specialists 

Animal Hospice
   Animal Hospice: Angel's Gate
   Animal Hospice (Article by American Association of Human-Animal Bond Veterinarians)
   Animal Hospice (Article by American Veterinary Medical Association)
   Animal Hospice (Article by Rita Reynolds)
   Animal Hospice: A Peaceful Journey for Animals
   Animal Hospice: Bittersweet Animal Hospice & Grief Recovery
   Animal Hospice: Compassionate Crossings
   Animal Hospice: Guidelines for Veterinary Hospice Care
   Animal Hospice: Kindred Spirits
   Animal Hospice: Nikki Hospice Foundation for Pets
   Animal Hospice: Peaceful Passings
   Animal Hospice: Spirits in Transition: Options in End-of-Life Care for our Animal Companions
   Animal Hospice Support and Grief Counseling
   Brighthaven: Holistic Retreat and Hospice for Animals
   Spirits in Transition
Veterinary Hospice Care

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Alternative Healing
Academy of Veterinary Homeopathy
   Acupressure: Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute
   Acupuncture: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine
   Acupuncture: International Veterinary Acupuncture Society
   American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
   Anaflora Flower Essences for Animals & Animal Communication
   British Homeopathic Association
   Handicapped Pets: Products, Services for Elderly, Disabled and Injured Pets
   Heal-A-Pet: Free Distant Healings for Animals in Need
   Healing Musical CDs for Dogs and Cats
   Health Journeys: Resources for Mind, Body and Spirit
   Holistic Veterinary Medicine Resources
   Homeopathic Educational Services
   Homeopathic Medicine: Finding a Homeopathic Veterinarian
   Homeopathy Home
   Hummingbird Farm
   Inspirational Resources (Christian Perspective)
   Little Lotus Hearts: Services and Support for Animal Lovers in the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition
   Millie's Ministries
   Natural Holistic Pet Care Health Services - Medical Intuitive & Healer B. Brent Atwater
   PAWSitive Touch Hands On Touch Therapy for Pets
   Pet Prayers & Blessings: Ceremonies & Celebrations to Share With the Animals You Love
   Pets with Disabilities
   Prayer Wall for Animals
   Reiki, Healing Touch Veterinarian Brenda McClelland, DVM
   Reiki Pet Healing
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Animal Communicators 
   Animal Communicators Directory
   Animal Communicator Pamela Talbot Adams
   Animal Communicator Kathleen Berard
   Animal Communicator Annette Betcher
   Animal Communicator Anita Curtis
   Animal Communicator Georgina Cyr
   Animal Communicator Carol Gurney
   Animal Communicator Amelia Kinkaid
   Animal Communicator Barbara Paster
   Animal Communicator (Blessing the Bridge) Rita Reynolds
   Animal Communicator Penelope Smith
   Animal Communicator Teresa Wagner
   Animal Communicator (Nature's Translator) Tracy Ann
   Animal Communicator and Reiki Master Practitioner Lori Wright
   Animal Voices
   Animals and the Afterlife
   Animals and the Afterlife: True Stories of Our Best Friends' Journey Beyond Death (Kim Sheridan)
   Assisi International Animal Institute

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Animal Behavior Specialists
   ABS Directory of Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists
   Andy's Furry Friends: Dog Boarding, Day Care, Pet Sitting, Behavior Problems
   Animal Behavior Helpline: Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA
   Animal Behavior Network
   Animal Behaviorist Krista Cantrell
   Canine Angels Canine Behavior Consultant Angela J Coupar
   Canine Counselor Krista Cantrell
   Cesar's Way: The Natural, Everyday Guide to Correcting Common Dog Problems
   Clicker Trainer Karen Pryor
Dog Training Behavior Tips
   Jim Burwell's Petiquette
   Obedience Training for Aggressive Dogs
Pet Behavior
   Pet Behavior Solutions
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