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A Bill of Rights for Grieving Animal Lovers
A Christmas Message from My Heart to Yours
A New Year and The Burden of Guilt
A Wish For The New Year
Advance Directives
After-Christmas Break: A Lesson from the Animals
After Death Communication
After Death Communication: A List of Resources
After Death Communication, Continued
"Am I Going Mad?" Mystical Experiences in Grief
Am I Too Old to Get Another Pet?

Ambiguous Loss: When Grief Threatens A Love Relationship
American Widow Project
American Widow Project: A Band of Sisters
Animal Rescuer Devastated As Shelter Disregards Her Wishes
Anticipating the Death of a Cherished Pet
Anticipating the Death of A Spouse
Anticipatory Grief and Mourning
Anticipatory Grief and Mourning: Suggested Resources
Anticipatory Grief: Should Our Dad Be Told That He's Dying?
Anticipatory Grief: Mother of Ill Child Seeks Resources
Anticipatory Grief: Widow-to-Be Thinking Beyond Husband's Death
Anxiety Attacks in Grief: Tools for Coping
Apologizing for Expressing the Anger of Grief
Are We Medicating Normal Grief?
Are You Reluctant to Seek Counseling for Grief?
Bereaved Aunt Asks: 'Where Do I Fit In?'
Bereavement: Doing the Work of Grief
Betrayal, Fear of Separation and Unresolved Grief
Blogs (and Books) for Bereaved Parents
Book Review, Alzheimer's: A Mother-Daughter Journey
Book Review, Sooner or Later: Restoring Sanity to Your End-of-Life Care
Buckle Up and Embrace Life
Can We Ever "Accept" the Death of a Loved One?
Can't Think of Mom without Crying
Caregiving After A Stroke: Suggested Resources
Caregiving in Serious Illness: 8 Ways You Can Help
Caregiving In Serious Illness: Suggested Resources
Caring Bridge: Creating a Network of Support Online
Celebrating National Volunteer Week, April 10 - April 16
Child Loss: Supporting A Sibling In Grief
Children and Pet Loss: Following Their Lead
Children Grieve Too, But Not The Same As Adults
Common Myths and Misconceptions about Grief

Common Myths, Misconceptions about Pet Loss

Complicated Grief: Mourning An Abusive Mother
Consoling A Bereaved Parent, From A Distance
Coping As You Anticipate a Loss
Coping with Anxiety in Grief
Coping with A Cancer Diagnosis: Suggested Resources
Coping with A Daughter's Miscarriage
Coping with Cumulative Losses
Coping with Cumulative Losses: Personal vs. Professional
Coping with Grief on Mother's Day: Selected Resources
Coping with Overwhelming Loss
Coping with 'Shutdown Spells' in Grief
Coping with Sorrow in Grief
Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources
Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2013
Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2014
Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2015
Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2016
Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2017
Coping with Traumatic Loss: Suggested Resources
Custom Crafted Songs
Dad Troubled by Accidental Death of Son's Kitten
Dating: Woman Nervous About Dating Widower
Daughter Feels Little Support for Mother Loss
Daughter Wants to Help Mom after Death of Beloved Dog
Dealing with Special Days: Anniversaries, Birthdays and Holidays
Dealing with The Death of an Abusive Mother
Death of a Parent: Negative Impact On A Couple's Relationship
Deathbed Promises: Honoring a Mother's Dying Wish
Delayed Grief Goes Unresolved, Negatively Impacts a Marriage
Delayed Grief: When We Don't Take Time to Mourn
Did My Cat Go to Heaven?
Distance Counseling in the Electronic Age: What Is It?  How Does It Work?
Disenfranchised Grief: Death of An Ex-Spouse
Disenfranchised Grief: Mourning the Loss of a Dream
Disenfranchised Grief: When An Ex-Spouse Dies
'Distance Counseling: What Is It, How Does It Work?
Does Child Loss Destroy a Marriage?
Does Widower's Behavior Indicate Unresolved Grief?
Emotional Reactions to Loss
Empowering Ability for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities
Explaining Death To A Toddler
Explaining Death to Children
Explaining Grandmother's Death to a Toddler
Explaining Pet Loss to Children: Some Do's and Don'ts
Explaining Stillbirth to a Toddler
Explaining Suicide to a Child
Explaining The Funeral or Memorial Service to Your Children
Facing Another Funeral, Without 'Falling Apart'
Facing the Loss of a Cherished Pet
Father's Day: Insights On Coping With Grief
Finding Crying Time in Grief
Finding Grief Support Online
Finding Meaning In Your Loss
Feeling Pressured to Move On in Grief
Finding Crying Time In Grief
Finding Grief Support That Is Right For You
Finding Meaning in Your Loss
Finding Reliable Grief Information and Support on the Internet
Finding Support for Pet Loss
Finding Your Way through Grief: A Guide for the First Year
For Widows, Widowers and Single Parents
From Surviving to Transcending Your Grief
Getting through the Holidays
Grief and Mourning: History, Culture & Science
Grief and Politics
Grief and Sexual Intimacy
Grief and Sexuality
Grief and The Burden of Guilt
Grief Bibliography
Grief Healing Notified of HONcode Certification!
Grief Healing: On Becoming A Grief Counselor
Grief Healing: Where Did You Get That Name?
Grief In the Second Year: Finding Your Way
Grief Observed: Using Movies to Move through Grief
Grief Rituals Can Help on Valentine's Day (Or Any Special Day)
Grief Songs: Music for a Grieving Heart
Grief Support for Survivors of Suicide
Grief Support Group Didn't Help--Now What?
Grief Support Group: Should I Stay or Leave?
Grief Support Groups: What Are the Benefits?
Grief Support Online: An Invitation
Grief Support Online: What Are the Benefits?
Grief Support: When Others Fail to Meet Our Expectations
Grief: Understanding The Process
Guilt and Regret Following The Death Of A Friend
Guilt and Regret in Grief
Guilt In The Wake of a Parent's Death
Healing Grief through the Gift of Volunteering
Helping a Grieving Parent
Helping Another in Grief
Helping Another with Pet Loss
Helping Children Cope with a Parent's Serious Illness
Helping Children Cope with a Pet's Euthanasia
Helping Grandchildren with Pet Loss
Helping Grieving Children: A List of Suggested Resources
Holiday Break: A Lesson from The Animals
Holidays: Permission to Mourn
Hospice and Palliative Care Choices
Hospice Journey: Free Web Sites for Patients and Their Families
How Can The World Go On When My Loved One Has Died?
How Do You Know When To Contact Hospice?
How to Write a Condolence Letter
How to Write a Eulogy: Guidelines and Examples for Paying Tribute to a Loved One (E-book)
How to Write an Obituary (E-book)
How to Write a Sympathy Thank-You Note (E-book)

How We Mourn: Understanding Our Differences
How You Can Help in Haiti
If Life is Difficult, What about Grief?
In Bereavement, Differences Matter
Including Children in Rituals of Grief and Mourning: Special Situations
In Grief: Acknowledging Jealousy and Anger
In Grief: After Caregiving Ends: Who Am I?
In Grief: Ashamed to Share Negative Feelings In An Online Forum
In Grief: Aversion to Thoughts of "Acceptance" and "Moving On"
In Grief: "Being There" for Someone in Mourning
In Grief: Brother's Dating Causes Family Conflict
In Grief: Can I Do This By Myself?
In Grief: Causing Accidental Death or Injury (CADI) to Another
In Grief: College Student Considers Dropping Out of School

In Grief: Coping with Childlessness
In Grief: Coping with "Moment of Death Guilt"
In Grief: Coping with Mom's Toxic Behavior
In Grief: Coping with Multiple Losses
In Grief: Coping with STUGs (Sudden Temporary Upsurges of Grief)
In Grief: Daughters Mourning Mothers
In Grief: Death of A Possibility
In Grief: Difficulty Making Decisions
In Grief: Dreading The Anniversary Date Of A Loved One's Death
In Grief: Family Disagreements Regarding Funerals
In Grief: Family Resists Widow's Readiness To Move Forward
In Grief: Feeling Disconnected From Feeling Bad
In Grief: Feeling Let Down By Closest Friends
In Grief: Feeling No Support In The Wake Of Loss
In Grief: Finding New Love After The Death of A Spouse
In Grief: Grandsons Affected by Traumatic Loss
In Grief: Helping Another While Coping With My Own Loss
In Grief: How Much Can One Person Take?
In Grief: "I Fell in Love with My Patient"
In Grief: Infant's Death Threatens A Marriage
In Grief: Lesbian Widow Finds No Support in Group
In Grief: Mourning The Loss of a Friend
In Grief: My Life Turned Upside Down
In Grief: Needing to Tell The Story
In Grief: Remembering Is An Active Process
In Grief: Responding to "How Are You?"
In Grief: Sifting and Sorting A Loved One's Belongings
In Grief: Support Groups vs. Individual Counseling
In Grief: Supporting a Partner in Mourning
In Grief: Terminating A Counseling Relationship
In Grief: The Challenge of Cooking for One
In Grief: Trying To Forget
In Grief: Using Denial to Cope with Loss
In Grief: Using Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
In Grief: What to Do with Cremation Ashes?
In Grief: When A Friend Pulls Away
In Grief: When A Loved One Shares Thoughts of Suicide
In Grief: When Counseling Isn't Helping
In Grief: When Can I Stop the Process?
In Grief: When Credit Is Due
In Grief: When Dating Is Complicated
In Grief: When Faith and God Don't Make Sense

In Grief: When Offers to Help Are Rejected
In Grief: When Tears Won't Come
In Grief: When The Pain of Loss Won't Go Away
In Grief: Worried About My Daughter
Infertility: Grieving Children Who Will Never Be
Interview: Are We Medicating Normal Grief?
Is Anger One of the Stages of Grief?
Is Divorce Worthy of Grief?
Is Grief A Normal Reaction to Divorce?
Is Losing A Grandmother Easier Than Losing A Sister?
Is My Widowed Mother 'Moving On' Too Soon?
Is Pet Loss Comparable to Loss of a Loved One?
Keeping the Secret of a Terminal Prognosis
Life After Loss: Radio Interview with Marty Tousley
Light a Candle to Remember
Loneliness and Solitude in Grief
Look to Your Hospice for Grief Support
Losing a Cherished Pet: Myths and Misconceptions
Loss Of A Dream: When a Baby Isn't Perfect
Managing Your Grief
Making the Most of Memorial Day
Memorial Day 2012
Memorial Day: Remembering The Fallen (And Those Who Love Them)
Memorializing a Cherished Pet
Me? Need a Hospice Bereavement Counselor? No Way!
Mixing Grief With Alcohol: Will It Lead to Addiction?
Mother Loss: A List of Suggested Resources
Mother Loss and the Grief of Abandonment
Mother Loss: When Can I Think of Her Without Crying?
Mother Loss: When Grief Is Mixed with Menopause
Mother Loss: Years Later, Still Can't Cope
Mother Struggles to "Accept" the Death of Her Son
Mourning A Sister's Only Child: "Where Do I Fit In?"
Mourning An Abusive Relationship: Suggested Resources
Movie Recommendation: We Bought a Zoo
Moving through Grief: Recognizing Signs of Your Own Progress
New Year Resolutions in Caregiving and Bereavement
Nightmares and Bad Dreams in Grief
Offering Support: What to Say (or Not) to a Grieving Animal Lover
On Dating A Widower
On Dating A Widower: Is This Unresolved Grief?
On Grief, Healing and Resilience
On This Day of Giving Thanks ~ For That, I Am Thankful
Palliative Sedation for the Terminally Ill
Parent Loss: Continuing Their Song
Parental Grief in the Wake of Homicide
Permission to Mourn This Holiday Season
Persistent Dreams in Grief
Pet Euthanasia Gone Bad
Pet Loss: A Disenfranchised Grief
Pet Loss: A Family Deals with An Accidental Death
Pet Loss: Adoption Failure Leads to Relinquishment and Guilt
Pet Loss: Afraid to Love My Remaining Pets
Pet Loss and Animal Communication: Suggested Resources
Pet Loss and the Elderly
Pet Loss: Cat With FIV Euthanized Too Soon ~ Guilt Follows
Pet Loss: Deciding on After-Death Care for A Cherished Pet
Pet Loss: Deciding When To Bury The Body
Pet Loss: Do Pets Go To Heaven?
Pet Loss: Euthanizing An Aggressive Dog
Pet Loss: Guilt In The Wake of A Kitten's Accidental Death
Pet Loss: Guilt In The Wake Of The Euthanasia Decision
Pet Loss: Helping A Friend With Unresolved Grief
Pet Loss: How Long Before Adopting Another?
Pet Loss: Is It A Different Kind of Grief?
Pet Loss: Keeping The Secret Of A Cremation Mistake
Pet Loss: Providing for Pet Care In Your Absence
Pet Loss: Sharing The Sad News With Grandchildren
Pet Loss: When A Pet Goes Missing
Pet Loss: Why Does It Hurt So Much?
Physical Reactions to Loss
Professional Certification Programs in Grief and Bereavement
PTSD Resources for Caregivers and Survivors, from Gift from Within
Recognizing Your Own Progress through Grief
Recommended Web Sites and Blogs
Religion and Spirituality in Grief
Remarriage In Widowhood: How Soon Is Too Soon?
Remembering My Mom on Mother's Day
Remembering Our Loved Ones on Valentine's Day
Remembering Two Precious Souls
Replacing a Pet Who Has Died: When Is It Time?
Residual Grief: Father Loss In Early Childhood
Resolutions for the New Year
Resources for Service Members and Their Families
Resources for Young Widow(er)s
Revival Redesign
Saying Goodbye to Beringer
Seeing a Specialist in Grief Counseling: Does It Matter?
September 11: Coping with Aftershocks
Should Our Dad Be Told That He's Dying?
Sibling Loss: Unable to Cry
Sibling Loss: When Grief Goes Unacknowledged
Silent Grief: Pregnancy and Infant Loss
Singing Their Song
Social Reactions to Loss
Spiritual Reactions to Loss
Starting a Support Group in a Small Town
Starting A Support Group: Suggested Resources
Support for Grieving College Students: How to Start a Local Chapter of Students of AMF
Supporting a Bereaved Parent, From a Distance
Surviving A Child's Homicide
Surviving a Spouse's Suicide
Surviving Spousal Loss: Financial Concerns in Widowhood, Part 1
Surviving Spousal Loss: Financial Concerns in Widowhood, Part 2
Taking Time to Mourn a Mother's Death
Teen Grief: Grandparent's Death Triggers Unresolved Grief
Teen Grief Following A Fatal Accident
Teen Grief: Mourning The Death of a Friend
Teen Grief: Mourning the Death of a Parent
Teen Misses Uncle's Visitation and Funeral
Teen Mourns the Death of Her Best Friend
Teen Questions Reaction to Her Parent's Death
Teen Struggles With Reaction to Dad's Death
Thanksgiving Message, 2013
The Advent Conspiracy
The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey
The Power of Remembering: Grandfather's Pipe
The Promise of Christmas
Thin Threads: Focusing On Grief and Renewal
This Emotional Life: TV Series and Web Site
Thoughts of Suicide in Grief
Tips for Coping with Anniversary Reactions in Grief
Tips for Coping with Disbelief and Denial in Grief
Tips for Coping with Sleeplessness in Grief
Tips for Helping Children and Adolescents in Grief
Tips on Sorting a Loved One’s Personal Belongings
To Move or Not? Making Decisions in the Wake of Recent Loss
Tools for Healing: Coming to Terms with Grief
Tragedy in Boston, Collective Grief and Aftershocks of Loss
Transition after Loss: Tips for Navigating the Neutral Zone
Transitions: How to Recapture The 'Drive'
Traumatic Loss: Needing to Know the Details
Traumatic Loss: Needing to View The Body
Traumatic Loss: Surviving A Sibling's Fatal Accident
Trouble Gaining Access to Medical Records?
Two Deposits in Heaven: Making Sense of Child Loss
Understanding Different Mourning Patterns in Your Family
Understanding The Grief Process
Unresolved Grief: When a Loved One Is Missing
Using Antidepressant Medication in Grief
Using Art As a Path for Healing
Using Children's Books to Help with Grief
Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in Grief
Using Herbal Supplements in Grief
Using Medication To Manage Grief
Using Music to Help with Grief
Using Story to Explain Pet Loss to Children
Veterans Day, 2012 ~ Honoring All Who Served
Veterans Day, 2014
Veterans Day, 2015
What Is Complicated Grief?
What Is Not Helpful to the Person In Mourning
What to Say (Or Not) to A Person In Grief
When An Adult Child Dies: Resources for Bereaved Parents

When Children Attend a Funeral: Some Preparation Tips
When Death Happens: Tips for Helping The Mourner
When Delayed Grief Affects Work Performance
When Grief Seems Insignificant by Comparison
When Grieving an Abandonment

When Hospice Care Fails A Family
When Mother's Day Hurts: Selected Resources
When Pet Loss Feels Worse than the Death of a Relative
When The Griever Is A Health-Care Professional
When Words Matter: Tips on Writing A Condolence Letter
When Your Companion Animal Is Missing
Why? Why Me? Searching for Answers in Grief
Widow Considers Adopting A Second Dog

Widow Fears Sharing Thoughts of Suicide
Worldwide Candle Lighting Service, 2012
Words of Comfort to the Person In Mourning
Words to Avoid When Comforting the Bereaved
Writing As A Healing Tool In Grief
Q&A: Child Mourning the Death of Her Cat
Q&A: Coping with a Daughter's Miscarriage
Q&A: Coping with Anniversary Reactions
Q&A: Coping with Baby's Hearing Impairment
Q&A: Coping with Family Grief
Q&A: Coping with Pet Loss -- Am I Crazy to Feel So Sad About This?
Q&A: Coping with Sleeplessness and Insomnia in Grief
Q&A: Delayed Grief: Death of Both Parents and Beloved Dog
Q&A: Finding Help for Thoughts of Suicide in Grief
Q&A: Funerals for Pets?
Q&A: Grief and Sexuality: Intimacy with Spouse following Mother Loss
Q&A: Grieving the Death of a Parent
Q&A: Handling the Holidays When You're Feeling Blue
Q&A: Helping A Friend in Grief
Q&A: How Do We Deal with the Empty Chair During the Holidays?
Q&A: How Do We Tell Our Son His Dog Has Died?
Q&A: How Does a Family Know When to Contact Hospice?
Q&A: How To Write a Condolence Letter
Q&A: 'I Can't Tell Them I'm Dying'
Q&A: I Lost My Husband to Suicide . . .
Q&A: I Think I Saw My Deceased Husband . . .
Q&A: Including Your Absent Loved One in Family Celebrations
Q&A: Is It Okay to Cremate a Pet?
Q&A: Is My Grieving Grandchild Begging for Pity?
Q&A: Memorializing Pets We Have Lost
Q&A: Mother Loss - When Will the Crying Stop?
Q&A: Mother of Ill Child Dealing with Anticipatory Grief
Q&A: Mourning the Death of a Love Relationship
Q&A: Remembering September 11- Coping with Anniversary Reactions
Q&A: Sibling Loss: Coping with Insensitivity of Others
Q&A: Sibling Loss: Feeling Pressured to Move On
Q&A: Sibling Loss: Unable to Cry
Q&A: Teen Coping with the Death of a Parent
Q&A: Traumatic Loss, Delayed Grief Reaction, Complicated Grief, Grief Overload
Q&A: What Are the Stages of Grief?

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